The Whole Student




There are a range of programs and resources that make it easier to implement The Whole Student approach. While some outline teaching strategies, others provide a curriculum or ideas to effectively teach the skills students require to succeed academically and personally.

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The Bounce Back Wellbeing and Resilience Program

Bounce Back is an award winning social and emotional skills curriculum that promotes wellbeing and resilience. It is used by hundreds of schools around Australia and internationally because it is straightforward to implement and has a lasting impact on both the students and staff.


You Can Sit With Me

This is an inclusive kindness campaign. It is a simple wristband with a life changing message. YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is a highly visible wrist band worn by children in schools, sports clubs and community groups to show that they welcome anyone to sit with them and that they are inclusive.


7 Steps to Thrive Conversation Prompts

Using these cards with children will train them to think critically and creatively about a range of social and emotional concepts, giving them the tools to overcome challenges and reach their potential using their individual strengths.


Leaders of Tomorrow

This student leadership program caters for all students, not just those appointed to specific roles. The program is designed for upper primary school students.


My Wellbeing Journal Teacher’s Manual

My Wellbeing Journals are workbooks for students produced by Teachers 4 Teachers. The accompanying teacher’s manuals provide background information on each topic as well as lesson plans and additional materials to aid in the teaching of wellbeing.


Smiling Mind

This free meditation program is from a 100% not-for-profit organisation that works to make mindfulness accessible to all. Wellbeing is essential for learning; with mindfulness, students are more focused and more engaged learners.



Updated in 2018 this book is a positive education resource.  It outlines steps to use high impact teaching strategies and higher order thinking strategies that actively engage students in learning curriculum content as well as providing opportunities to teach the skills for social and emotional learning. For all grade/year levels, across all curriculums.


Unleash Learning

Implement successful strategies to unleash learning for all your learners; strategically plan and lead your next classroom session; master how to begin and end any learning session; support consistent and effective teaching and learning and ignite, inspire and unleash learning for everyone you work with.


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